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Curling irons and straighteners created to protect hair health

We wanted to create tools which unite perfect results with the least amount of execution time, and while still protecting hair health. The outcome? Curling irons and straighteners which let hair maintain its natural look, even after dramatic styling.
Now is the time to leave space for natural volumes and beauty.
Elchim’s line of straighteners and curling irons is so versatile that it can create a great variety of textures: slightly messy, perfectly straight, elegantly wavy style or any other kind of look.

  • Healthy Wand

    90,00 VAT included
  • Curling Irons – 32 mm

    65,00 VAT included
  • Curling Irons – 25 mm

    60,00 VAT included
  • Curling Irons – 19 mm

    55,00 VAT included
Easy-to-use curling irons

The curling irons complete the set of Elchim tools for easy creation of spectacular curls, waves and more relaxed looks. You can create an infinite choice of styles, for all types of hair and for every hair length. Curls and waves are sure to have the soft, natural look that characterises healthy hair.
All of Elchim’s stylers and flat irons are in ceramic and titanium oxide to protect the hair and guarantee immediate results, even on the most difficult-to-set hair.