3900 Healthy Ionic Black + Perfect Hair Lifting Spray

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3900 Healthy Ionic Black + Perfect Hair Lifting Spray

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3900 Healthy Ionic Black
Thanks to the right combination of air flow, heat and power (2400 W at 240 V) this professional hair dryer reduces drying time by more than 30%. Quiet, lightweight and perfectly balanced, its air flow hydrates and makes hair glossy, eliminating static electricity thanks to the ionic ceramic system.

Perfect Hair Lifting Spray
With Cashmere protein

Just one gesture to seal the cuticles for a “smoothing effect” to your hair. Revolutionary formula protecting against humidity for a “no-frizz result”. Hair will look immediately smooth, silky and shiny. It will not weigh down the hair. Resistant up to 2-3 washings.

Out of stock

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3900 Healthy Ionic Black

  • Color: Black
  • top of its category for Balance in use, lightness and reduction of the engine noise;
  • protection system Against electromAgnetic fields (low emf);
  • ionic & ceramic system to hydrate the hair And enhance hair shiny, eliminating the electrostatic charges;
  • 2 integrated hair concentrators with quick lock system, optimiZed for high temperAtures;
  • easy-lock filter and comfortable lateral grips for a fast filter cleaning;
  • wide lateral protections;
  • back handle designed for major comfort;
  • ergonomic handle with raised hemispheres for a better grip ;
  • cold air button with controlled action;
  • lateral integrated double action “pull-press” buttons;
  • power: 2000-2400 W 220-240 V.

Perfect Hair Lifting Spray
HOW TO USE: Spray treatment on previously washed and possible conditioned towel-dried hair. Apply the product throughout your hair, lock by lock, then comb to distribute it evenly.

Proceed by drying with Elchim hairdryer and brush. Finally handle with Elchim flat-iron for an extra smooth effect.